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Fresh Fried Monkey!
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Monkey Chatter (37) ¬

  1. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Yikes! I hope Sandia’s next rescue attempt goes a little better than this one!
    This is one page I just HAD to view fill size! :D

    • Joseph DR

      Sandia needs to learn that ability and experience are two different things. She knew she could hoist up the monkey, but she lacked the experience and training to know the limits of her new found powers. I hope she learns a lesson from this!

      Poor monkey. I wonder what the other monkeys will think and how they will react.

      Thanks, Bill! :O)

  2. Pam Huggins

    INCREDIBLE!!! I’m sitting here with my mouth gaped open in total amazement!!! This is SPECTACULAR!!!

    Like Bill- I had to full size this page… INCREDIBLE!!! Your drawing is so amazing, I don’t even mind that the monkey got fried. Well… maybe a little bit… but sacrifices must be made for such brilliant art!

    Thank you too for sharing your inspiration in Basil Wolverton… I can see the reflection in your drawing style.
    I agree that sketches are often so much livelier than a finished piece but you prove us both wrong in your page today.

    Amazing Joseph!!! You’ve made my day!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you very much, Pamo! Your compliment encourages me to continue and constantly improve!

  3. David Hurley

    Your work is incredible Joseph, even though I feel a little bad for your monkey. ;)

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, David! Hopefully I can keep up this level of artwork on my next pages. I’ll try to post a fully rendered comic from now on. We’ll see if it pans out. Some days there’s just too much life things that get in the way…

      • David Hurley

        And the inks look great, Joseph!

        • Joseph DR

          Thanks, David. But I haven’t inked this page yet. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!

  4. p.j.

    LOL!!! Oh… my… god! I don’t know how you do it! Simply brilliant mate!

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, PJ! :O) I try to outdo my previous “freak-out” face. I’m glad you like it!

  5. evanyeti1

    Wow! I love the actual eardrum and the innie and outie pupils!

    • Joseph DR

      I always loved seeing Tom’s eardrums pop on Tom and Jerry! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in Looney Tunes, too. So I wanted to pay homage to my childhood influences. Those guys were masters! Thanks, Mat :O)

  6. Michael Corley

    I love the skeleton!

    • Joseph DR

      The pelvis was the hardest part to draw. So I’m glad you liked it Michael. It makes it worth doing!

  7. Gruhn

    Awesome! Now if you could just package this with some gum we can get it into the convenience stores.

    • Joseph DR

      Haha! I wonder if kids are willing to chew monkey butt flavored gum? :OP

      And it can come with a tattoo! That would be cool! I could make a series of these types of images a la Wolverton’s “Ugly Posters” trading card series.

  8. Binky

    Wow-wee! You certainly crammed in as much energy and pain and detail as you possibly could on this one! Every time I look at it, I see something more. Your art is incredible, Joseph.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you so much, Peter! I do my best to give you your money’s worth! :OP

      I really really really want to post an inked page each week. If I can manage that then I would be able get a colorist to finish it. It’s been a goal of mine for quite a while now. Hopefully I can get to this point this year.

      • Binky

        I think it’s better to do good work, than quick work. Even if your output isn’t as fast as you’d like, the quality makes the wait worth it.

        • Joseph DR

          Thank you so much for your advice, Peter. This is exactly what I needed to hear. As you know, I have been struggling with this dilemma for a while. I guess I have been comparing myself with other artists that put out a completed page each week. I will follow your wise words and do good work rather than quick work. Thank you again! :O) You are a God-send!

          • Pam Huggins

            It is great advise. Well said Peter.

            • Binky

              Thanks, Pam.

          • Binky

            You’re very welcome, Joseph, though I don’t really think I’m telling you anything that you don’t already know.

            • Joseph DR

              You are, Peter! For you, it must seem like common sense. However, I haven’t thought about it that way. I have been thinking about getting faster so I can keep up with other cartoonists that produce a full page on a weekly basis.

              So thanks! I will focus on quality and not quick work! :O)

              • Binky

                Most other cartoonists aren’t doing high quality detailed art like you are, so it’s no wonder that it’s hard for you to keep up with them. It’d take me months to even come close to one of your pages.

                • Joseph DR

                  Thanks, Peter.

                  BTW, I will not post this week due to family obligations. But I’ll be back next Monday! :O)

  9. Rich Clabaugh

    WOW! I can’t even imagine how you came up with THAT one Pal! Amazing work! Keep it up! I assume the monkey’s (literally) toast!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Rich! Yeah, this monkey is one crispy critter!

      How I come up with pages: I run scenes in my head about how I want the page to look (usually when I’m laying in bed, right before I sleep). Some parts of the scene are crystal clear, while other parts are fuzzy and unresolved. When I get to the drawing board, I draw the clear parts first and the rest comes to me while I’m doing it.

  10. Pirate Mike

    Basil Wolverton is so awesome. Powerhouse Pepper cracks me up!

    • Joseph DR

      Yeah, that comic is funny! But his later work is what I really dig. It’s so freakish I’m constantly amazed by it!

  11. Tony McGurk

    I am lost for words Joseph. This is such incredible artwork. You Sir are a Master. On 2nd look I noticed the ear drums. Funny stuff. It was worth frying the monkey for this amazing episode. Are you sure Basil Wolverton wasn’t inspired by you???

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Tony! You’re so kind! And I’m glad I don’t have PETA after me! :OP

  12. Mark Stokes

    Absolutely stunning image, Joseph! This may be my favorite panel yet! (Well, until your next strip…)

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you very much, Mark! And congratulations on a successful Kickstarter! You must be dining on Lobster tonight! :OP

  13. Perk

    Awesome work! I love the visible brains and the detail on the fingernails.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Jason! The monkey brains just had to be included! :O)

  14. Nef

    Grotesque but beautiful… that’s a nice description.

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