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Vengeance is mine!
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Monkey Chatter (31) ¬

  1. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Darth Nacho is in for the kill!

    • bearmancartoons

      Does Darth Nachos come in Cool Ranch flavor?

      • Joseph

        Darth Nacho is jalapeƱo hot and mad! No cool ranch there. Seems like the monkey has no idea what’s coming to him!

  2. Tony McGurk

    As the saying goes “Stone the flamin’ crows” or in this case the monkey. I wonder if he’ll reconsider before the final blow. He better hurry up & save Sandia though, time’s a wastin’

    • Joseph

      Nacho has flipped his lid but hopefully he realizes this isn’t a good thing to do, however mad he may be. And yeah, Sandia needs immediate attention. Every second counts so Nacho better get back on task.

  3. vinniethevampire

    For those about to rock…

  4. Mark Stokes

    Say it ain’t so, Nacho!

    • Joseph

      This shocked me when I realized what was happening. I had a page sketched out where he jumps over the monkey but then it turned to this. Hopefully Nacho comes to his senses before it’s too late.

  5. Binky

    I think at the last moment, Nacho will reconsider.

    Nice staging of the action, Joseph!

    • Joseph

      I hope you’re right, Peter. I would be weary of following a protagonist if he dispenses this type of behavior. But I can empathize with his anger.

      Thanks for the compliment! I wanted it to be ridiculous that he’s yelling at an unconscious monkey. Then a conscious decision on his behalf to spot a rock, pick it up and…

  6. Michael Corley

    Honestly that rock was MADE to be thrown. How could he not?

    • Joseph

      I wonder which is harder, the rock or the monkey’s head?

      On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness I think the monkey comes in at a 10!

      • secretsuperinga

        This IS a cartoon… he could bonk him on the head and they could then have matching lumps? Hey, that reminds me… where is Nacho’s lump on this page?

        • Joseph DR

          OMG! I can’t believe I forgot that! I will add it in and post the corrected version ASAP. Thanks for catching that, Haig! I can’t believe I forgot such an obvious LUMP!

  7. David Hurley

    Oh my . . . the end is near!?!

    • Joseph

      Hopefully not, David! I still have many pages to draw! :OP

  8. Nef

    I predict another {page 27} comes next. :p

    • Joseph

      Maybe, Nef! But I hope not! (However, that would be easy to draw…) :OP

  9. Gruhn

    I think the splatter drawing you could do would just jump off the page!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Mike! I have the ketchup packets at the ready! :OP

  10. secretsuperinga

    Gorgeous pencils, again, Joseph. This may sound goofy, but I really like the way you’ve considered the spaces BETWEEN the panels on this page… the wavy-ness of the division between the top two panels and the bottom 4, combined with the swell of the bottom right (scary low-angle silhouette!) panel is really pleasing to the eye.

    • Joseph

      Thank you so much, Haig! I struggled with the layout a bit. Sometimes it’s a wrastlin’ match between two panels because they both want a big space. So it’s a fight as to which one will win the real estate. I decide who wins based on what elements are more important. I’m glad you like the overall effect. I wanted it to be other-than-straight.

      • secretsuperinga

        The page really has a great flow to it and the hierarchy of the images makes for a smooth read.

        • Joseph

          Thanks, Haig! As you well know, storytelling is crucial in a comic. So this compliment from you, an excellent storyteller, means a lot to me.

  11. Jason Salas

    Rainy Day Monkeys #12 & 35.

    • Joseph

      Every monkey must get stoned! (according to Nacho)

  12. vincedorse

    Really powerful final panel, Joseph! Dramatic stuff! -v

  13. evanyeti1

    Paper beats rock, rock beats monkey! Love the bendy panel frames and your pencils are awesome :D

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