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Monkey Chatter (41) ¬

  1. Chris K

    Wow, looks like Nacho was one great Sheriff! He could do it all!

    • Joseph DR

      I think Nacho was a very honest and law abiding public servant. His favorite activities as a Sheriff were turning on the sirens and eating donuts!

  2. thehatandfat

    These pages blow me away. Great stuff, Joseph.

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Eric! This was a very challenging and fun page. I wanted to try out a montage for this flashback to make it seem like memories or a dream. I looked at movie posters for ideas on how a montage was put together.

      Basically, it’s the opposite of everyday perspective: Larger things (images, icons, etc.) go in the background and smaller things/scenes go in the foreground. Also, putting things at different angles helps.

  3. Tim Green

    Nacho for president!

    • Joseph DR

      First order of business: Do what is right!

  4. p.j.

    Love the way you layout a page. It’s like a well planned visual path.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you PJ! It was a lot of hard work and I’m glad you feel it works well :O)

  5. evanyeti1

    In the words of Comic Book Guy “Best montage ever!”

    • Joseph DR

      Wow! Thanks, Mat! Your compliment means a lot to me!

  6. evanyeti1

    I haven’t made any Wacky Monkeys fan art yet, but I would love to color this page :D

    • Joseph DR

      Double WoW! Thanks, Mat! As soon as I ink it I’ll send you the file and let you go at it! That’s so kind of you!

      • evanyeti1

        Awesome! I’ll try to do it justice.

        • Joseph DR

          Hopefully I can get it to you ASAP :O)

  7. David Hurley

    Wow, this looks great Joseph! Love how you give us some history.

    • Joseph DR

      I wanted to show a glimpse of Nacho’s past and tie it in with his decisions in the present. Even though he can lose his temper, the moral gauge brings him back to the straight and narrow. Thanks, David!

  8. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    I love all the imagery in this page Joseph! Everything right down to your signature on the bullet. :D

    • Joseph DR

      Originally he was going to hold a revolver, but I wanted the casings to fall so instead I gave him a Glock 19. His weapon of choice!

      I’m so glad you like the montage, Bill. I wasn’t sure how it was going to all come together, but in the end I’m happy with it :O)

  9. Chris Simonite

    Looks – um – Wacky! And beautiful!

    • Joseph DR

      Monkey see monkey do! Thanks, Chris!

  10. Perk

    He’s “Nacho” average guy.

    • Joseph DR

      Har! Har! Nacho loved his cheesy chips! :OP

  11. Mark Stokes

    Wow!! You are just knocking it out of the park with this one, Joseph! I’m stunned and amazed!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Mark! Having to focus only on pencilling has allowed me to spend more time on it so it’s helping.

  12. Nef

    Even the donut is there!

    • Joseph DR

      The donut MUST be there! Ha! Ha!

  13. secretsuperinga

    WOW!! Way to go, Joseph. Everything is right on. I love how his remorseful eye sets things up in the top left… and whatever questions we wondered about Nacho are answered: he is a good man through and through. And the smoking casings are pure gold– the four of them dropping towards the viewer is a great way to create dynamic space!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you kindly, Haig! I’m glad Nacho’s character has come through as I intended. I know he seemed to be losing it in the pages before but maybe it was that big bump on the head that caused him to act that way. Thank goodness he’s back to his old self now. I hope!

      I try to figure out ways to create a sense of depth and the casings helped serve that purpose. Also, from the image of Nacho taking the oath to the “present Nacho” that’s looking down. I wanted him to be closer to the viewer.

  14. George

    I think my respect for nacho has just escalated a thousandfold. Great montage!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, George! Nacho’s not getting much respect out there in his boxers right about now. But I’m hoping things will work in his favor soon!

  15. Binky

    Nice collection of scenes and images! You put so much into a page that it takes a while to appreciate it all.

    • Joseph DR

      Nacho’s been through so much, I wasn’t sure whether to show his moon landing or biting a donut! The donut won :OP

      Thanks, Peter! I have to be careful not to overdo it because it might get too busy. But there’s so much that I want to draw!

  16. Tony McGurk

    Wow!!! Your talent really hit the ball outta the park with this one Joseph. Who’da guessed that Nacho was a law man

    • Joseph DR

      Little by little, we’ll get to know these characters as the story goes, Tony.

      When you, along with other readers, guessed that Nacho wouldn’t hit the monkey, I had to come up with something that was unexpected. I thought: OK, everybody knows that he’s not gonna go through with it, but at least I can show them an interesting way of WHY he can’t bonk the monkey.

      Thank you for the encouraging compliments, Tony!

  17. Tony McGurk

    Just noticed the donut, nice police touch

    • Joseph DR

      Nacho loves donuts! It’s a cliché that I wanted to use even though it’s a cliché because I love donuts too!

      • Binky

        Everybody loves donuts! Well most people at least!

  18. bearmancartoons

    I missed the donut. It is like Where’s Waldo. It should be in every Nacho strip

    • Joseph DR

      It’s HUGE!

      But it isn’t in the flow of the reader’s eye. The real estate there is kinda like dead space, so that’s why I put in a wacky scene.

      I like the hidden donut idea, Bearman! I just might try it :O)

  19. Gruhn

    Well done. I can’t wait till this comes out in publication.

    • Joseph DR

      Me too, Mike! But it’ll be a long time from the looks of it. I have many pages to go and I work at a snail’s pace. Hopefully I will get faster with experience. Thank you!

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