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A moment of silence, please...
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Monkey Chatter (15) ¬

  1. Tim Green

    Poor little fella!

    • Joseph DR

      Crispy critter’s on the menu tonight!

  2. evanyeti1

    How are the other monkeys gonna take this?!

    • Joseph DR

      I don’t know. I guess we’ll see once they wake up out of their daze…

  3. Gruhn

    That is one exploded Monkey! So graphically awesome it’s hard to mourn.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Mike! This is one crispy fried monkey. Maybe there is a market for that sort of comfort food.

      • Gruhn

        There is. It’s in a country where you don’t really know what you’re eating and it’s best not to ask.

  4. Tony McGurk

    Sandia’s finally back to normal. Poor little guy. Oh… quick eat the brains while they are still warm.

    • Joseph DR

      Brains are best served warm. With a side of toast.

      Sandia can change back but they’re not really thinking about it because the monkey death took center stage….

  5. Anonymous

    LOVE the first Panel Joseph! Yikes that’s one toasted primate!

    • Joseph DR

      All it needs is a little butter. :OP Thanks for swinging by!

  6. Binky

    Poor little monkey! You certainly got in a lot of gruesome detail!

    • Michael Corley

      I’m with Binky. Those details blew me away!

  7. David Hurley

    Sad, but you’ve created an excellent (and gruesome) page Joseph!

  8. Mark Stokes

    Such vivid and unforgettable images, Joseph! I won’t be forgetting that first panel any time soon, that’s for sure!

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