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Lights Out!
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Monkey Chatter (18) ¬

  1. Tony McGurk

    That’s one almighty bonk Joseph. They’ve been in the air so long I reckon their leg muscles have probably atrophied & they won’t be able to walk when the finally land.

    • Joseph

      Haha! That plus the wind burn they must have already. They’re in a real mess!

  2. p.j.

    it’s really fun watching these strips evolve over time. From initial pencils to full color.

    • Joseph

      I just have to work on getting it done faster. Thanks, JP! I’m glad you’re enjoying the process.

  3. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Well this can’t be good for our Hero’s!

    • Joseph

      Things don’t look too bright for the time being, Bill. Let’s see if/how they’ll recover from this one. Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea!

  4. David Hurley

    Oh wow, and here we go!

    • Joseph

      Yes! A new page! It’s good to get going again. And this time it won’t take as long. I hope! :O/

  5. Binky

    You misspelled my name!

    • Joseph

      Oh, Binky. You wouldn’t want to be in this page. A coconut clobber to the noggin is no fun at all!

      • Binky

        I suppose you’re right. Especially if there is no chocolate involved.

  6. gruhn

    Yes! Excellent!

    • Joseph

      Hey! Were you secretly routing for the monkeys? And now I see what side you’re on. Let’s hope our heroes don’t find out about this!

  7. Ne f


    • Joseph

      A Band-Aid won’t be able to fix this!

  8. Jerry Benedict
    Jerry Benedict

    I think that’s gonna hurt… a lot!

  9. Mark Stokes

    A Bonk of cataclysmic proportions!

  10. Jason Salas

    With digital applications, a lot of guys just use a font instead of putting in the work of styling by hand. (I do at times.) Nice work!

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