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A moment of silence, please...
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Monkey Chatter (45) ¬

  1. Tim Green

    Poor little fella!

    • Joseph DR

      Crispy critter’s on the menu tonight!

  2. evanyeti1

    How are the other monkeys gonna take this?!

    • Joseph DR

      I don’t know. I guess we’ll see once they wake up out of their daze…

  3. Gruhn

    That is one exploded Monkey! So graphically awesome it’s hard to mourn.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Mike! This is one crispy fried monkey. Maybe there is a market for that sort of comfort food.

      • Gruhn

        There is. It’s in a country where you don’t really know what you’re eating and it’s best not to ask.

        • Joseph DR

          Haha! And if it doesn’t look like chicken but tastes like chicken! :OP

  4. Tony McGurk

    Sandia’s finally back to normal. Poor little guy. Oh… quick eat the brains while they are still warm.

    • Joseph DR

      Brains are best served warm. With a side of toast.

      Sandia can change back but they’re not really thinking about it because the monkey death took center stage….

      • Tony McGurk

        The monkey death is incredible artwork Joseph. Just when I think you can’t get any better you outdo yourself again. Lucky I don’t have a fixation on my comics not being as good as other cartoonists ‘cos your work would make me quit forever.

        • Joseph DR

          Aw, thank you so much, Tony, for your kind words. I struggled a lot with this page so that really means a lot to me. I’m also glad you keep cranking out your comics because they’re hilarious :OD

  5. Anonymous

    LOVE the first Panel Joseph! Yikes that’s one toasted primate!

    • Joseph DR

      All it needs is a little butter. :OP Thanks for swinging by!

  6. Binky

    Poor little monkey! You certainly got in a lot of gruesome detail!

    • Michael Corley

      I’m with Binky. Those details blew me away!

      • Joseph DR

        Thanks, Peter and Michael! This was a challenging page to draw so it makes me happy you like it.

  7. David Hurley

    Sad, but you’ve created an excellent (and gruesome) page Joseph!

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks for the compliment and visit, David! :O)

  8. Mark Stokes

    Such vivid and unforgettable images, Joseph! I won’t be forgetting that first panel any time soon, that’s for sure!

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Mark! When the other monkeys come to, I hope they don’t blow a gasket! :OP

  9. Pam Huggins

    Welcome back! And with another brilliant composition too!
    I am sad for the monkey but mostly in awe of your art. I look forward to the next chapter. Brilliant stuff Joseph, truly.

    I’m enjoying my little break from blogging but am so glad I get to visit you and your fabulous art.

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Pam! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying your break. I imagine you and Jeff riding the roads on your steel horses blaring ~

      • Pam Huggins

        LOL! Fun video. :-)
        Have a great weekend!

  10. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Best of luck with your working break Joseph! :D

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Bill! I saw the stack of pencilled pages piled up on my desk and felt I needed to go back and ink them before I get any further. I just wanted to finish this chapter. So the real fun begins because inking is my favorite part of creating comics! :O)

  11. Binky

    Well that was a very short-lived comeback!
    I hope you have a good break, Joseph.

    • Joseph DR

      Haha! Thanks, Peter! Yeah, I couldn’t go on to do another pencilled page. I gotta go back and ink what I have so that I can get caught up. I figure the holiday season is the best time to do it because the clicks are down.

  12. perkperkatwork

    Not only is the monkey fried, he lost a tooth too. Great image, Joseph!

    • Joseph DR

      Hee! Hee! Monkey will need to see the dentist for that! A dose of nitrous oxide will do him some good :OP Thanks for the compliment, Jason!

  13. Pam Huggins

    Have a great break Joseph! I think breaks are wonderful to take- it really helps you focus on the art. Have a wonderful holiday.
    (Your art is phenomenal! Your fans will be here when you get back. Always.)

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Pam! I’m enjoying my break. Lots of fun with the family and lots of inking too! :O)

  14. vincedorse

    Looking forward to seeing these pages inked, Joseph. Enjoy your break! -v

    • Joseph DR

      The annual Nutcracker performance by our fourth graders is over. We had a blast! But now I can get back to inking my pages. Yay! :O) Thanks for the visit and comment, Vince!

  15. Binky

    I thought you might like this video, Joseph.

    • Joseph DR

      Wow! He certainly is a dedicated friend! I can almost hear him/her say, “Come on, wake up!”

      Thanks for sharing this with us, Peter. I hope your Christmas was fantastic!

      • Binky

        Thanks, Joseph. I hope you had a great Christmas too.

  16. Pirate Mike

    Awesome as always.

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Brad! Wishing you a trove of treasure for 2015!

  17. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Joseph, I’m really sorry to hear about your daughter. Having ANYONE stay even a day in the hospital can be agony. I hope your daughter and your entire family gets back on track soon! :D

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Bill. It was a most bogus adventure (Bill & Ted voice). This thing really did a number on us. Thankfully, though, we came out of it alive and well. Marisol is recovering at home. My wife took a leave from work to be with her a while.

      Yet another setback for my artwork, but I won’t let it stop me. I can’t wait to get the Wacky Monkeys back on track!

  18. Binky

    Sorry to hear about Marisol, Joseph. I hope she’s on her way to a full recovery by now.

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Peter. She’s doing better now. We were in for quite a scare when her coronary arteries had inflamed to the highest normal level. Any higher would of potentially led to aneurysms. It seems we are in the clear now. And finally getting back to normal.

  19. Tony McGurk

    Hey Joseph I took your comment to heart & posted another strip with Carl & a little old lady. Thanks for the suggestion. Hope your daughter is on the mend & feeling much better

  20. Pam Huggins

    Joseph- I just read your note about your daughter being ill. I see in your comment to Peter that she is improving. What a stressful time for you and your wife and family. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

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