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Thar be gems in dem boogers!
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Monkey Chatter (26) ¬

  1. Mark Stokes

    Hey Joseph! Thanks for the uber-nice shout-out and support! I appreciate you helping me get the word out, my friend! Thanks so much!

    • Joseph DR

      Mark, It is my pleasure and honor to help spread the word of your amazingly funny strip! Zombie Boy Comics needs to be syndicated! I know the newspaper is a dying medium, but this Kickstarter is a great way to get my grubby hands on your fabulous artwork. I know my kids at school and home will love it! :O)

  2. Mark Stokes

    Could this be the first time in history a booger was used to save a life? I’d have to say you’re taking boogerdom to a remarkably new level, Joseph! Love the energy in the lines on this page!

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Mark! I want to take the stretchy character hero to a new level. I can’t rehash what’s already done. I Must make it interesting and add something new. I was inking it but ran outta time (and steam) so I just posted the rough sketches. I’m glad they came across legibly. I hope! :OP

      I had a dream about the first panel. It was pretty gross! Hopefully, the final page will come out just as disgusting as my dream!

  3. Tony McGurk

    Awesome snottiness. I’m really hoping you colour this one Joseph to display the snot in it’s awee inspiring colourful grandeur

    • Joseph DR

      Hahaha! Thank you so much, Tony! I am inking it and hopefully get it colored soon! I have been working to get a page inked so I can send it off to a colorist or flatter. We’ll see how my productivity does. I’ve been struggling with this time management for so long. I’m frustrated but hopeful that all will work out soon. I can’t wait!

  4. Michael Corley

    Any port in a storm? Any booger in a pinch!

    • Joseph DR

      I bet this monkey will take anything he can to get him out of this shocking situation. Lots of monkey love coming his way in the form of sticky sloppy boogeriness!

  5. Gruhn

    Well I guess we had to go there…….. Love seeing this come together.

    • Joseph DR

      It’s inevitable, Mike! You gotta have an inside shot of her nostrils! That’s what I would want to see! Man, if I had that much boogery matter I would stay in my room all day! :OP

  6. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Man, if Sandia was a male, you could call him “Booger Boy”! :P
    Joseph, I think you’ve created the craziest super hero ever! :D

    • Joseph DR

      Booger Boy might just be her future boyfriend! Thank you, Bill, for the wonderful compliment! I want to see how far I can take this. :O)

  7. Binky

    This isn’t your father’s superhero power!

    • Joseph DR

      Nacho is wondering where he went wrong right about now!

      I’m trying something I would like to see and that I haven’t seen yet. Thanks, Peter!

  8. evanyeti1

    Awesome nasal canal (eye?) view! Definitely never seen that before :D

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Mat! I gotta add some bloody boogers and hair to UP the gross factor. Like Tony said, color will realize this page to the fullest!

  9. Perk

    A lot o’ snot.

    • Joseph DR

      She has plenty to go around for everybody. No pushin’!

  10. Pirate Mike

    Oh, man . . . gross! And perfect for your style! Well done!

    • Joseph DR

      If it’s gross, then it’s gotta be in Wacky Monkeys! I love all things gross, Brad. But I draw the line at blood! That really sickens me! Haha!

      Thank you for your compliment and visit! :O)

  11. David Hurleyd

    Too close for comfort!

    • Joseph DR

      One can never be too close to a nice, juicy, sticky booger. Ya’ know, the kind that you can play with for hours on end! Plus, it’s comfort food! :OP

      Hahaha! I just grossed myself out! The things I see in elementary class gives me loads and loads of material for my comic!

  12. Julian

    Joseph, I am always impressed with the density of your comics.

    Also, this one is gross ;)

    • Joseph DR

      Thank you, Julian, for your compliment! :O)

      When I’m thinking of a scene, sometimes it just comes to me in a normal, straight-on version. Nothing special. It will look flat.

      The trick is to take your mind’s camera and move it around in the scene. Try different angles. Place it so that it creates a dramatic impact. Or it can be used to emphasize the focus on something important/significant.

  13. Pam Huggins

    Keep it weird and keep it wacky is a very cool tagline!!!
    I love seeing all your pencil lines. I feel like I’m watching you develop these scenes. Wonderful work!!!

    And yea- it’s gross too. Weird and wacky for sure!!! :-)

    • Joseph DR

      Thanks, Pam! I was inspired by the unofficial motto in Austin, Texas: “Keep Austin Weird”

      I’ve been inking this page whenever I get a chance. Hopefully I can get it finished tonight. We’ll see. Thanks for the compliment and visit! :O)

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