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Bombs Away!
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Monkey Chatter (73) ¬

  1. Tony McGurk

    hat should say coconut & monkey drool attack

    • Joseph

      Haha! Monkey drool is what kills! :OP

      • Joseph

        Thanks for the title idea, Tony. I updated it and like it much better! :O)

  2. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    EEK! I’d just surrender at this point! ;) I wouldn’t want to see what else comes out of their arsenal! :P

    • Joseph

      No retreat, no surrender!

      Oh, great idea, Bill! There are other arsenal that they like to use often: POOP! Nacho hopes that’s not in their bombing schedule :OP

      • Nef

        The tactical advantage of monkeys is that when they don’t have weapons, they produce their own. Oh, and there is at least one of your monkeys that tends to appear with the OTHER end first, so I think he’ll be the last one to shoot.

  3. David Hurley

    Good to have you back, Joseph!

    • Joseph

      Thank you, David! It feels great to get back into the swing of comicking. Even though I’ve been at it for only a year, I felt lacking when I didn’t draw or visit webcomics like yours.

  4. p.j.

    Your layout perspectives are incredible.

    • Joseph

      Thank you, PJ! I do my best to pull and stretch the characters so that there is an exaggerated sense of dimension in my comic. Hopefully this puts the wacky in Wacky Monkeys :OP

  5. Chris K
    Chris K

    Look out below!!! Time to duck and cover.

    • Joseph

      Looks like there’s no escaping this nut, Chris! Let’s hope Nacho has the reflexes of a fly!

  6. p.j.

    Love your perspectives in your layouts.

    • Joseph

      Thanks again, PJ! I think of what I want to happen in the scene. Then I draw several layouts in my sketchbook. I draw big so they really aren’t thumbnails. Then I think about them for a day or two. That’s the hard part because I have to decide which one to use. Finally, I draw it on the board and tweak it as I go. Sometimes I flip the board over and start again on the other side.

      Once I have the roughs in, I erase it with a kneaded eraser and I do final pencils.

  7. Binky

    I’ve been hit!!
    You always do such a great job using perspective,

    • Joseph

      Hopefully you don’t look like Sandia, Binky!

      Thanks, Peter! I wanted the coconut as close to the viewer as possible but still have enough room for the mad, wacky monkeys. .

  8. Gruhn

    Love it! He’s coming for us!

    • Joseph

      Look out below! :OP

      Thanks, Mike!

  9. Jason Salas

    Where are my 3D glasses? I’m sure the drool will leap (spit?) off the screen! Nice work!

    • Joseph

      Haha! Thanks, Jason! The drool comes free of charge. It’s the coconut that you have to pay for in pain :OP

  10. evan yeti

    I like how block headed the monkey is.For some reason I immediatly thought of this monkey as a McDonalds toy. Like you pull its tail down and the coconut fires out of its mouth! Well, back when McD toys were cool.

    • Joseph

      OOoh! Cool! That would be a fun toy to play with! Collect them all!

      Mat, you’re hired as my toy designer :O)

  11. Mark Stokes (@krash_pow)

    So far, so goood!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Mark! I’m working on the inks and hope to have ‘em finished soon!

  12. Jerry Benedict

    Look forward to seeing the inks!

    • Joseph

      I hope I can finish them by deadline! We’ll see…

  13. Chris Simonite

    Okay, so THAT is a seriously Wacky Monkey!!

    • Joseph

      These monkeys take wacky to the serious level!

  14. Spencey

    This is going to be grotesquely glorious, I can feel it!

    • Joseph

      Your Spencey Sense is correct, James! I’m working on making it as gross as I can! :OP

  15. secretsuperinga

    YES @evan yeti

    • Joseph

      Mat’s drumming up some more toy designs right now :OP

  16. thehatandfat

    Now that looks cool!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Eric! I’m having lots of fun with this page. More so than page 25. I guess it’s because I was sick while working on it.

  17. twittroo

    Another grea dynamic layout!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Denny! I do my best to come up with a way to tell the story in an interesting manner. For this page, I wanted the reader to experience what Nacho is seeing (and to understand why he was so frightened in the preceding page).

  18. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    I like how you added the extra monkeys. It looks more like and invasion now. :D

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Bill! Monkey mayhem coming right up! :O)

  19. David Hurley

    I love when the inks start flowing, Joseph! :)

    • Joseph

      Me too, David! Thanks for stopping by :O)

  20. George

    Man, that is some serious first-person action right there. I can feel the monkey-mist!

    • Joseph

      Monkeys in the mist is not something you ever want to get into. You never know what that mist may consist of! :OP

      • George

        Man, I had to duck while reading this. It’s so in-your-face! Nice work!

  21. Mark Stokes

    Your inks are like the creamiest chocolate icing on the moistest chocolate cake!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Mark! Just don’t lick the screen or you’ll get monkey drool with your icing! :OP

  22. Gruhn

    Looking good!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Mike! Now let’s see if I can get this whole page done by next Monday ;O)

  23. Binky

    Your inks always make it that much more three dimensional. And the black on the coconut really makes it stand out.

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Peter! I wanted to give the coconut more weight and emphasis. So I made it big, darker, and slobbery :OP

      • Binky

        You obviously know what you’re doing!

        • Joseph

          Thanks! Sometimes I have NO idea what I’m doing but glad it doesn’t look that way :OP

          • Binky

            Well you sure overcompensate, then! Your partial inked drawing looked great, but the full one, with all the extra shading and details, is superb. It makes the scene come alive even more.

            • Joseph

              Thank you, Peter! :O)

  24. James

    You give me nightmares.

    • Joseph

      The monkey smell alone will knock you out :OP

      Thanks for visiting, James!

  25. David Hurley
    David Hurley

    The page is coming together nicely, Joseph!

    • Joseph

      Slow and steady is the pace on this one, David. Wish I had it in high gear but life’s obligations get in the way sometimes. Thanks for your return visit!

  26. evan yeti

    Somehow I missed the monkey riding the other monkeys back in the pencils. Lots of great line work Joseph. What size paper do you use?

    • Joseph

      The little monkey made her first appearance when everybody and their grandma boarded the palm tree catapult express on page 16.

      Thanks, Mat! I draw on standard 11″x17″ smooth Bristol board. I need it smooth because by the time I finish with pencils, there’s so much erasing that it turns the board to rough.

  27. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    At this point I’d be more worried about the snots on the coconut instead of the actual coconut!

    • Joseph

      His snot is teeming with bad germs like the ones on the old Crest commercials! :OP

      • Casually Employed
        Casually Employed

        We-make Holes in teeth! :D

  28. Jared

    Man! I love that spiral. I’m so glad you post process stuff. It’s so fascinating to see.

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Jared! I love to see artist’s process so I figured I should post mine as well :O) Glad you’re enjoying it.

  29. Casually Employed
    Casually Employed

    Slobber attack in Technicolor! :D

  30. Gruhn

    I’ve never seen such beautiful drool!

  31. Mark Stokes

    All spit has broke lose, now! So much fun to see your color WIP, Joseph! Those monkeys’ expressions are priceless!

  32. Binky

    As always, your colors ad another dimension to work that doesn’t even need any more dimensions. Te details here are great.

  33. p.j.

    The color adds to the slobber.

  34. vincedorse

    I would take two coconuts in a bargain to avoid the monkey drool, but I have a feeling the monkeys aren’t striking bargains. Crazy page as usual, Joseph! -v

  35. vinniethevampire

    These guys don’t monkey around!

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