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Joseph D Rodriguez Wacky Monkeys Cartoonist & Comics Creator

Joseph DR, Cartoonist

Eye-Poppin’ Jolt of Hilarity

Hi and welcome! I’m Joseph D Rodriguez.

I create crazy, slapstick comics that’ll make you laugh, howl and gross out loud. Think Garbage Pail Kids and MAD Magazine! Laughter makes living so much fun. And I believe comics and cartoons should have the following crazy quirks:

  1.  Funny to look at
  2. Outlandish, impossible characters, actions and situations
  3.  Entertaining, captivating and engaging story      

My mission is simple: Create funny, gross and entertaining graphic novels for kids and grown-ups.  

Wacky Monkeys

Wacky, weird and gross monkeys infest a family whose main goal is to live a peaceful life in Costa Rican paradise.     


Wacky Monkey Nacho, Muchacho Man Webcomic

Nacho –  A Texas cop who got tired of the daily grind and extreme Texas heat.  Wanting to live the easy life, he quit his job and moved to Costa Rica with his family.  Once there, he started a Bed & Breakfast Eco-lodge.  However, life in Costa Rica isn’t the paradise he thought it would be.






Sandia is Gummy Girl, Wacky Monkey in Costa RicaSandia –  Nacho’s daughter.  Jumbo ants bit her, causing a roller coaster ride of unfortunate events. This ultimately led to her new-found Plastic Man powers. She is also known as Gummy Girl.