Oh Boy!  This was a very challenging post because I am on vacation in Myrtle Beach, and I don’t have my Wacom tablet, Mac and Photoshop CS with me.  Aaaahh!  Those are essential tools I need in order to get my artwork on the interwebs.

So, now I’m on a PC laptop with no mouse (yuk!) and no Wacom tablet and no Photoshop program.    I’m using GIMP for the 2nd time and it’s proving to be a real challenge for me.  It’s like learning a new language.  Everything’s all topsy-turvey!

Even with all my complaining, I’m grateful I have what I need to get my comic posted.

OK, so I finally got it posted after a few hours.  The kids are wanting to go to the beach.  The sudden downpour has given me a boost in the right direction and I’m happy I made it even though it’s afternoon.

The Wacky Monkeys attempt to revive their leader with a bug plucked from their stinky, oily fur.  He drops it into his mouth and hope for the best.  But we then focus on the bug and his vulnerability to monkey breath.  We then learn how a monkey’s breath can kill.

Even before getting crushed by monkey molars.