Hey!  It’s great to be back with another installment of the adventures of the Wacky Monkeys and Co. 

Still on Vacation Mode!

We’re having lots of fun with family in Myrtle Beach.  The weather has been fantastic!  A few days of rain followed by sunny sunny settings!  Maybe I’ll post some pics of our fun if I can figure out how to get the photos from my camera into the computer.  I’m not real high-tech with gadgets.  I don’t even own a smart phone!

However, I feel I’m getting the hang of GIMP and a laptop.  I believe this week’s comic is scanned better than last week’s.  And my uneasiness has been replaced with competence.  YAY!

So I decided to give the Wacky Monkeys a splash page.  I really wanted to emphasize their outlook on life, despite adversities they come across.  Or unfortunate things that just drop in on them!  Sometimes I forget about all the amazing things I have and am a part of when something doesn’t go my way, or there’s a disappointing setback.  

This is where my thoughts went while sitting under an umbrella on the beach looking out into the waves where my kids were jumping and splashing along with the ocean.  Sea-breeze, ocean sounds and smells of the salt and sand.  Paradise!

I hope you enjoy looking at this week’s drawing, even though it’s not a sequence.  Have a great week, my wacky friends!