Comic in Vacation Mode

Ahh!  Having fun Surf Side!  We are enjoying our long vacation.  Everything’s been extraordinarily pleasant and fun!

I’m learning a lot from this “Pencils Only” exercise.  The idea was for me to post only pencils while on vacation so that I can spend more time with friends and family.  This forced me to draw tighter so that anyone who looks at the comic will understand what’s going on. 

My main focus is clear storytelling.  This is a real challenge sometimes but I always ask my wife and kids to look at the comic page and describe what they think is happening.  If they don’t get it right then it’s my fault for not conveying the sequence of events well.  I will need to redraw it at that point. 

Hopefully this page is clear enough as to what’s going on.  But, in case you can’t make it out, due to the sketchiness of some areas (and for SEO purposes) I’ll explain the scene.

Nacho has devised a catapult from vines and a palm tree.  Sandia is uncomfortable about the idea but Nacho reassures her.  He then takes off his Texas belt and uses the buckle to cut the vine that’s holding the palm tree taut. 

When I was drawing the vines they looked like worms so I decided to add a side-story about a worm accidentally getting caught between the vine and tree.  It’s an example of what humans do when we cut down trees or even mow the lawn.  Sometimes I wonder how many little creatures I accidentally kill while doing stuff like that. (Please note: A cartoon worm died in making this comic) 

I’ve been playing with perspective for a while and want to give the feel of dimesion.  It’s fun and I feel I’m getting the hang of it.  I still have lots to learn but I love the challenge! 

If you see any storytelling missteps or if something is not clear please let me know so that I can fix it before it goes to ink.

I appreciate and love any and all your comments and support.  This project is lots of fun and I enjoy interacting with all of you.  It’s a real pleasure!

Have fun this week and keep it WACKY!  :OD

PS – From now on, all new updates will be every Monday, beginning August 12th.