Deactivate: Vacation Mode


Gradually Activate: Full Blast Color Mode

whhirrrr –

I’m back from a fantastic Vacation!  It was fun!  Yay! :OD

I’m a bit behind in my scheduled posts, but I got this page inked and will be coloring it soon it is colored!  WooHoo!

Here’s the black and white version I had up earlier:

kid friendly catapult coocnut tree in Costa Rica


So, school will be starting soon and that means I will have less time for the Wacky Monkeys.  Aw, man!  I’m going to have to start posting every other week.  Sorry! :’O(  WAAAAHH!

In this episode, Nacho feverishly tries to cut the catapult vine with his Big Tex Survival Belt Buckle.  Sandia spots a flash of light, or reflection, from the top of the cliff.  Could it be the tourists trying to signal them?  Maybe a warning of imminent danger?  

Nacho is too focused on cutting the vine, when all of a sudden a Wacky Monkey appears!  Will he cut the vine in time?  Or will the dreaded Wacky Monkeys exact their revenge?  

Stay tooned my wacky readers! 

Next update is Monday, August 26th.