Heya, Hiya, Hoya!

 Whew! Lots and lots of things going on this month:

  1. We got back later than planned from vacation. (A great thing, in fact!)
  2. Sadly, my grandpa died at the ripe old age of 92.  May he rest in peace.  I love you, Papa Grande!
  3. Also sad:  My brother and his family moved to Saudi Arabia.  They got teaching jobs at Saudi Aramco Oil Company in Abqaiq.
  4. Good news:  My wife, Ally, is teaching at a new school and district which is closer to home.
  5. Sad news:  School is starting for all of us!  So it’s back to work! AAAAAAAAH!


In this episode, I have inconveniently delayed the launching of the palm tree catapult!  Poor Nacho and Sandia. They have been up in that tree for a long time!  I’m wondering how many pages can go by without launching the catapult…  

As Nacho feverishly cuts into the vine, Wacky Monkeys attack from all sides.  In the chaos and ruckus, Nacho drops the Texas buckle used for cutting, but it seems to have done the job as the vine tears apart on its own.  What will happen next?

Things aren’t going according to plan but we’ll see when it finally launches! 

I have included stages of the creative process:

First: This is my favorite part! Creating something fun with pencil and paper!  I draw the page with a regular #2 yellow pencil.  I like using them because they’re dark.  The paper is 11″x17″ smooth Bristol board.

Kid Friendly, All-Ages Comic: pg.15 Joseph D Rodriguez

Second: I erase the pencils a bit and ink over it with India ink, Rafael #1 8404 Series brush and crow quill pen & Hunt #102 nib.  I free-hand all of it. I don’t like rulers or any such devices. I’m going for an organic, natural, imperfect look and feel.  Then I clean it up with an eraser.  After that, I make corrections and scan to color it in Photoshop CS.

Wacky Monkeys Comic: Page 15 Inks

Looks like I will be working under a different schedule now, since I am back at work teaching:

  1. One week I will post the pencils
  2. The next week I’ll post the inked page
  3. The following week I will post the colored page

I rather do it this way and create a comic that I am happy with than to rush to get it done all in one week.  The quality will suffer if I rush.

Over time I will develop speed, but for now I must focus on quality artwork.

I’m excited about the Wacky Monkeys and all the adventures they will be having!  It’s an exciting time and I’m super happy to share it with you!

Thanks for visiting and you’re always welcome to add a comment below and follow me on Twitter.

Have fun and keep it wacky!

– Joseph :O)