I’m happy to have my pencils and inks done on this page. Yay!  Of course, this was an easy page to draw and ink!  And it’s colored too!

Seems like lots more Wacky Monkeys are coming along for the ride!  I counted seven in all.  But where did they come from?  Are there more?

Don’t worry, wacky readers, the launch is in the very next page!  I promise!


More Top Stories

I just did an interview with Kurt Sasso of TGT Media.  It was my first interview ever and was nervous but still had lots of fun:

If you are an artist I would encourage you to contact Kurt and schedule your very own interview to showcase your artwork!

Or if you prefer, you can nominate somebody for an interview.  Cool, huh!

Have fun and keep it wacky!

Joseph :O)