Yay! It’s a LAUNCH!

Speed lines will be added soon.

Sandia, Nacho and the wacky monkeys blast across the beach in a makeshift catapult.

This is my attempt to show a catapulting palm tree launch towards the viewer.Β  I feel I lost a bit of the energy from the pencils to the inks. I don’t know if adding the flies was a good idea or not but It’s done, I’ll learn from it and I need to move on!

Overall I am happy with it and it hopefully has the desired effect I’m going for.


catapulting action page 17 pencils


All ages kid friendly webcomic Wacky Monkey comics, p. 17

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Marisol, my youngest daughter, turns three years old!Β  Yay!Β  I love you, Marisol!

Soon, I will post a photo of her.

Have a great week and keep it wacky!

– Joseph :O)