Happy Monday, Wacky Readers!

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you today freshly brewed inks.  I had lots of fun with this page!  I decided to ink it using a brush only.  No crowquill and nibs.  Even though there was a need for lots of fine lines and detail I super enjoyed it and loved the instant wide range on the brush, as opposed to switching back and forth between nib and brush.

Last week, I watched lots and lots of great YouTube tutorials on drawing by some amazing artists!  It feels as though I was taking a class.  I must share this with you!

The video below is by the Super Amazing Artist, Will Terrell:


The video below is by Artist Extraordinaire, Brett Bean:

So I will leave you with these two so as not to overwhelm you.  I wisely spent hours watching these guys draw and give fantastic advice.


Sandia, Nacho, the Wacky Monkeys and a whole bunch of other coconuts are flung into the air.  High in the sky they fly! Where they land, nobody knows! 

I’m excited that our wacky crew is airborne.  Now I can focus on the next chapter which will deal with fighting in mid air!  Cool!  I’ve never done that before but always thought it was funny when characters fight for long periods of time in mid air. 

It’s been really rough for Nacho and Sandia, lately.  I hope they have a soft landing!

I’m having lots of fun and love love love creating the Wacky Monkeys adventures.


Below is my pencil drawing of this page. Very rough and I changed the frogs and flowers in panel two.  In addition, I added the tourists (from page one) on the cliff.  I should have had them appear more often but I’m making this up as I go along and this is the consequence of not planning things out. Therefore, I call this comic an exercise in Improvised Sequencial Art :OP

Airborne all the way: pencils, p. 18 Catapulting Action

Below is the inked version of this page:

Monkey, Nacho, Sandia, Flying in Costa Rica

Have a great week, my Wacky Readers!  Keep it weird and keep it wacky!

Joseph :O)