Happy Monday, Wacky Readers!

Hoo, boy!  I have Full Blast Colors to present to you today, folks!

Here are the “tourists”.  So far, we know their names are Shirley, Lana and Eddie.

Sandia and Nacho were taking them for a guided hike tour in Costa Rica’s Caribbean Sea-side cliffs when they fell off and met an unruly bunch of smelly monkeys.  Nacho constructed a make-shift palm tree catapult.  It flung them too far and now they are headed for the foully named Mud Pits!  And there’s lots of unanswered questions!

  1. So are these people really tourists?
  2. Who are they and what are they here for?
  3. What do they know about the ants that bit Sandia?
  4. What experiments are they talking about?
  5. Why don’t they want to tell Nacho and Sandia about it?
  6. Are they good guys or bad guys?

Dun dun duunnn!!!

Who knows what will transpire?  I surely don’t!  At least not yet! :OP

I decided to change the character concepts on the tourists a bit.  I’ll go back and adjust their look in the preceding pages for the sake of continuity. Another consequence of making things up as I go!  Dun dun duunnn!!!  But it’s lots of fun!

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Keep it weird, keep it WACKY! :O)