Hoop! Hoop! Hoop! 

Happy Monday Wacky Readers!  I’m so excited that we’re into a new chapter – It’s Chapter 5: Manga Fighting Action.  I haven’t been keeping you posted about new chapters and such but I guess it’s OK to let you know starting now.

My chapters are a few pages, hence five chapters in twenty pages! Ha!  I don’t know how else to divide or start a new chapter.  I think when there’s a change of scenery or main idea.  Something like that!  I will look it up soon.

YAY!  I’m so happy that I was able to meet my two week production deadline.  As you may know, it normally takes me three weeks to finish a page. But not this time!  I whittled it down to two weeks!  My next step is to keep this new production time consistent, and then I’ll work towards getting one page done every week!  Wow, that would be amazing!  I really have to get cracking!

What’s even more amazing is if I can manage to get a buffer going.  Ah, one can dream…

So, about the new page:  We cut back to Sandia, Nacho and the monkeys flying through the air.  A monkey takes aim with a coconut and throws it at our fateful heroes.  Nacho had passed out from the catapult launch.  But will he wake up in time to avoid getting clobbered by a coconut? 

We’ll see what happens soon enough….

Have a wonderful week, wacky weirdos,

– Joseph :O)

* * * November 25th Update * * *

Welcome back for a look-see at the inked and colored page, folks!  Thank you so much for your return visit!  I appreciate your support and encouragement!  Also, I appreciate your patience because you see the same page for two weeks straight.

Anyways, I had lots of fun with this page!  It was the first time in a long long time that I inked speed lines. But once I started then I quickly got the hang of it. I had a blast!  Whoosh! :O)

I’m also glad I was able to include a floating talking head.  I always liked them because they’re corny and comical.  So it’s a perfect fit for Wacky Monkeys :OP


Below is the Pencils stage of this page:

Wacky Monkey, funny webcomic, page 20, pencils

Below is the Inks stage of this page:

funny coconut monkey, wacky drawing, costa rica


I wish you all a very wonderful Thanksgiving week – including my Wacky Readers from across the world.

Keep it weird, keep it WACKY!

Joseph :O)