Happy Happy Monday, Wacky Readers!

Today I present to you an Homage to artist Marc Hansen of Ralph Snart fame.  I have been devouring his books and studying his line art in hopes of getting some insight into how to be a better inker.  

I love the way Marc pulls, twists, contorts and stretches his characters towards and away from the viewer’s eye. A fabulous use of perspective! Check it out:

Weird Melvin: Origin Tales and Head-on Collisions, Marc Hansen

Weird Melvin™: Origin Tales and Head-on Collisions, © Marc Hansen


So I am willing to make mistakes while I learn to ink.  Eventually I’ll get great at it!  Practice practice practice! :OD

Also, I would like to give a Special Thank You to Peter Marinacci, AKA Binky, of the funny Wombania Comic Strip for advising me to go ahead and make the leap into improving my inking with secondary and tertiary lines to help denote form and action.  I have been afraid to do it before but now is the time to get started. No more delays! Thanks, Peter! :O)

Below is the Pencils Stage of this page:

Wacky Monkey Webcomics, page 21, manga monkey, Costa Rica

Below is the Inks stage of this page:

Wacky Monkey comics, inking page, Costa Rica pg.21


WooHoo!  I have 10 more days of teaching and then I go on Christmas vacation!  Yay! :OD  That means more time for my artwork and family.

Stay wacky my friends,

Joseph :O)