FREEDOM!  I’m so excited to be able to stay home and work on my Wacky Monkeys comic!  It’s a great way to spend my comic’s 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :O)

This page was a lot of fun to create. I was able to get up close, render render render and let loose on all the grisly grossnessYes, it’s self-indulgent but I also feel it works well with the storytelling. Hopefully!

But OOOOHHH!  Sandia gets it big-time right in the face!  Those monkeys sure are bad!  Bad Monkeys! 

For this scene, I felt I needed an extreme close-up of Sandia getting coconut-clobbered so that I can have lots of fun with pus, veins, blisters, liver spots, hair and other wonderfully gross things!

Now, I’m kind of worried that maybe I pulled in too close and the reader will not know what in the world he or she is looking at.  However, I did make the effort to draw Sandia’s ear and eye so at least there is a point of reference.

Anyway, here’s a poll to let me know what you think:


As you may have noticed, I’ve stepped up my inking in a big way by studying my favorite artists.  Last week I paid Homage to Marc Hansen of Ralph Snart fame.  His inking skills just blow my mind!  I am amazed every time I see his work:

Weird Melvin, Marc Hansen, Ralph Snart, inks

Weird Melvin™: Origin Tales and Head-on Collisions, © Marc Hansen

Marc certainly doesn’t need or rely on color.  He does it all with ink!  I love his use of black and the various ways he cross-hatches, highlights, and defines form with his line work.  I’m working to get up to his level of expertise!  Practice practice PRACTICE! :OD



Below is the Pencils stage:

wacky monkeys webcomic, funny webcomic, costa rica, smash, all ages

Below is the Inks stage:

wacky monkey comic, webcomic, inked drawing, Joseph D Rodriguez, page 22

Below is the Colors without Inks:

wacky monkey comics, digital coloring, pg. 22, Joseph D Rodriguez

Merry Christmas, and have a wonderfully WACKY week,

Joseph :O)