Greetings, Wacky Readers!

Nacho is clearly upset that his poor lil’ girl just got whacked in the face with a huge coconut.  It caused all her blisters to POP! and sent her plummeting to the Costa Rican jungle.

Nacho is determined to dive to the rescue and save Sandia from further injury. 

  • But will he catch her in time?
  • How will she look like with popped blisters?
  • What effect does this have on her?
  • Will the Wacky Monkeys continue their attack?
  • Can Nacho’s underwear withstand mach 3 G-forces?

Tune in next week for answers to some of the above questions, dear readers, in the form of pencils!  I know, I so wish that I could have another inked and colored page posted next week for you :O(  But I am still learning to balance my time with my family, teaching, and other life’s requirements. 

My goal for 2014 is to have an inked and colored page finished and posted each week.  

Also, this page took longer than I thought it would because of Christmas, New Years and my mother-in-law moving in.  However, I’m ready to get back on track and back to a two-week production time. YAY! :O)

Below is the Pencils Stage of this page:

As you can see, it is a really rough sketch and much of the last three panels changed quite a bit!

Wacky Monkeys Comic, webcomic, flying monkeys, joseph d rodriguez, monkey drawing

Below is the Inked Stage of this page:

I made minor changes from inks to colors.  The big difference is the last panel.  I erased a lot of the border in the final cut so that the image will read faster.  In addition, I broke up the monotony of the palm trees with jungle mist.  That seemed to do the trick and keep things interesting! :O)

Wacky Monkey Comics, pg 023, ink brush drawing, Costa Rica

Finally, I present you with my first ever video of me inking.  It’s action-packed, so don’t blink or you’ll miss the good parts! :OP   

A Special Thank You goes out to my dear friend and Wacky Reader, Mike Gruhn, the brilliant mind and hand (or toes) that gives us Webdonuts!  Mike encouraged me to video my art process for fun and marketing purposes.  Thanks, Mike! :O)

Life is much more fun when you:

Keep it WEIRD and keep it WACKY!

Joseph :O)