Air Attack!

Hey, Wacky Readers, What a wonderful weekend I am having! Hopefully you are too! :O)

I have for you today pencils of the Flying Monkey Squadron of Costa Rica! Nacho is in a desperate attempt to save his injured daughter, Sandia. But he is unaware that the Wacky Monkeys are mobilizing an offensive against them. An air strike has been ordered! These monkeys won’t let up!

I drew this page kinda tight because there was a lot of information that needed to be clear. No rough sketches here! Well, I did get a bit rough on the clouds because I know how I’ll ink them.

A Special Thank You goes out to Peter Marinacci, AKA Binky, my dear friend and creator of the lovable Wombania Comic for suggesting I do a video of my coloring process.

Thank you so much Peter for your suggestions and sage advice! You corrected my grammatical errors, nudged me to improve my inking, and suggested the coloring video.

In addition, I am so grateful to you all who continue to support me in offering advice, critiques and commenting on my site.

For that I thank you all so much!

I certainly wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for your attention and encouragement. :O)


WOW! This was a LOT more challenging than I thought! Hope you enjoy it! :O)

Below is the Pencils stage of this page:

Wacky Monkey webcomic, Joseph DR, air attack, flying monkeys, pg 024, Costa Rica

Below is the Inked stage of this page:

wacky monkey comics, all ages, funny, flying monkeys, kid friendly, coconuts, monkey butts

Below is the Colors of this page:

Wacky Monkey Comics, JosephDR, Costa Rica, page 24


I will upload the video of my coloring process on Tuesday morning (I hope).

So what will happen next, folks? Stay tuned for next week’s pencilled episode!

Keep it weird, keep it WACKY, my friends!

Joseph :O)