Hello, my Wacky Readers :OD

Monkeys descend on Nacho and Sandia in a mid-air coconut and drool attack.

I am so glad to be finally finished with this page! How long did it take? Three weeks? Four weeks? Too long! As you may know, I’ve been shooting for a two week production time on my comic. Then, beginning in mid June, I plan to crank out one page each week.

So it’s a bit disheartening that a page is taking me so long to do. I feel like I’m making improvements on some things and regressing on others. I’m going to keep at it, though, and persevere. I am committed to continue cranking out Wacky Monkeys on a consistent basis!

Thanks for your patience, Wacky Readers. You’re the best! :O)

I always like to share my creative process because I love seeing other artist’s progressions as well.


Below is the pencil roughs for this page:

Coconut in yer face! This is what Nacho sees as he’s being attacked. Basically, I wanted the reader in Nacho’s shoes.

Wacky Monkeys webcomic,


Below is the finished pencils for this page:

Here, I did some minor changes like the fists on the monkey instead of them open. Also, I figured out how I was going to do the background. Some issues remain unresolved at this time. But I was so excited to ink it I will get to them later.

Wacky Monkey Webcomics, Joseph DR, monkey art, weird spit, gross, Costa Rica

Below is the unfinished Inks for this page:

This inking session went really well for me. I had so much fun doing this.

Wacky Monkeys Webcomic, costa rica, flying monkey, funny weird cartoon,

Below is the Colors Without the Inks for this page:

Weird Wacky Monkeys, monkey spit, colors only, cartoon artwork, all ages

Keep it weird and keep it WACKY, my friends!

Joseph :O)