Terrific Tuesday!

As Nacho wakes up, his first thoughts are about Sandia. He must find her at all costs.

  • Where is she?
  • Is she OK?
  • Is she injured, in danger or dead?

YAY! Finally finished! This page took SO LONG to color. Lots of things going on in with family and work. Learning how to balance it all. Anyway, I’m super stoked to have this page done and published. Off to draw the next page!

I’m so excited about getting to the next few pages. It’s going to be so much fun working on it I can’t wait! Also, I have BIG plans for the Wacky Monkeys this summer.

Stay tooned and you’ll find out the secret when the time is right!


Below is the pencils for this page

wacky monkey, comic, all-ages, kid-friendly, for everyone, page 29


Below is the Inked version of this page:

Lots changed between the pencils and the inking stage. The script and the backgrounds were among the most notable changes. This page was very challenging!

wacky monkey comic, joseph d rodriguez, costa rica

Keep it WACKY!

Joseph :O)