Wacky Monkey Monday!

Hey everybody, I got some tight pencils for you today! It was a lot of fun drawing this page. Nacho summons the courage to blaze through the live wires and flames in order to save his precious daughter, Sandia. She’s close to death!


Monkey Down! Monkey Down!

But Nacho abruptly stops in his tracks when he spots a fallen monkey ensnared in the barbed and razor wire fence.

  • Will he take revenge and beat the monkey for causing this whole mess?
  • Will he jump over the monkey and into the electrical substation to rescue Sandia?
  • Will he run around the monkey and seek a safer way to enter?
  • Where is Lana, Shirley and Eddie?

Toon in next week when some will be revealed! Thanks for visiting and have a wacky week!

Joseph :O)