Welcome back, Wacky Readers!

Sorry for not posting last week, folks. I spent the week in a cabin in the Texas Hill Country with no Internet. But I had lots of fun with my family on the Guadalupe river. It was a memorable experience for us all!

It’s great to be back with a fresh new page in graphite! I can’t wait to ink all these pencilled pages. It’ll be so much fun :O)


Of Law and Donuts

If you’ll recall, Nacho was about to give the knocked-out monkey a stone on the noggin for causing so much mayhem. But this page reveals his inner thoughts just before he takes revenge. I’m glad, too! Because it would sadden me to see Nacho hurt a defenseless animal.

Also, we get a glimpse into Nacho’s past as a Sheriff. Hopefully we get to see more of his time in law enforcement and the reason for his departure.

But poor lil’ Sandia is still dangling from the high wires! Hurry Nacho! Rescue her!

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Joseph :O)