Hey! Sorry I’m late! Had to get lots done for the first day of school.

Here we have Nacho, Lana, Eddie and Shirley scrambling to catch Sandia. And what they get is a very stretchy spaghetti girl.

So wait, is this a superhero comic? YES! ;O)

It is the birth of Gummy Girl.


I created Gummy Girl™ and Muchacho Man™ (Nacho) in 1998 during my college years. Below is a page from my original unpublished comic. They have gone through several variations. Here is the first:

origin of the real Gummy Girl by Joseph DR 1998


Here is a mini-comic I published back in 2006. Back then, my comic was called Grandmaster Detectives. Nacho, also known as Muchacho Man, is here also.

grandmaster detectives, Joseph DR, mini-comic,


Unfortunately, while surfing the web, I came across somebody else’s published Gummy character. What a bummer!

I’m not sure what to do at this point about the name. I’ll come up with something…

Until next time, stay wacky, my friends

Joseph :O)