Hey Hey Hey!

What a marvelous Monkey Monday, folks!

Shirley is in awe of the latest development in the world of Wacky Monkeys. A girl that has gone through so much pain and turmoil has risen from the ashes to become Gummy Girl.

Shirley is one of my favorite characters and I love to draw her. I can’t wait until I get to ink this page. That’s where I have the most fun! For me, it’s like I’m about to get on a ride at an amusement park! YaY! :OD

  • So, who really is Shirley?
  • And who is Lana and Eddie?
  • What are their intentions?
  • Are they friend or foe?

Only time will tell because I’m not saying another word!

Except for, Thanks for visiting, my wacky readers. Have a fantastic week!

Joseph :O)