Happy Gooby Booger Monday!


Gummy Girl, AKA Sandia, uses her booger claw of joy to snag the monkey and lift him up to safety. Unfortunately, Nacho’s fears are realized when the tensile strength of the booger string failed. Oh, no! What will happen next?

Will the monkey:

  • fry like a chicken leg?
  • use the swinging motion of the booger to jump clear of the electrical hazards?
  • be swept up in Gummy Girl’s rapid reflexive booger string to save the save?
  • safely land on Nacho’s lump, causing it to pop?
  • or something entirely different?

Stay tooned for next Monday’s installment when you will find out the truth!



Hey, folks! You’ve got about a week left in order to grab your copy of Mark Stokes’ Zombie Boy Comic:

Zombie Boy Volume 1: Some Kind Of Horrible

I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on this book. But it’ll only happen if Mark is swimming in dough like Scrooge McDuck!

Secure your copy before time runs out. Click on over to Kickstarter and join the fun!

Have a fartastic week, Wacky Readers!

Joseph :OP