Monkey Monday Madness


Hooray for inks!

Welcome back, my friends. I’m excited about the coming changes to Wacky Monkeys. But it also makes me sad. Here’s what’s going on:

As you know, I’ve been struggling with my production time ever since I started my webcomic. It takes me two to three weeks to complete a comic page. That’s absurd! I’ve tried different strategies with my time, habits, schedules, and so on… Even on summer vacation I am still struggling to balance my family, home obligations, and finishing a full colored page a week.

Well, no more! From now on, I will post a new comic page every Monday! YaY! :OD

But here’s the catch: They may be just pencils, or they may be inked, but I will not be posting colored pages for a long time.

You see, coloring is the most time consuming part of my creative process. It’s also my least favorite. But oh, I so LOVE pencilling and inking! That is where my passion is!

This is why I’m so excited. I will only do what I truly love to do, which is pencil and ink!

Maybe later, I will hire a colorist to finish the artwork.

So this was part of the BIG news that I was talking about in recent posts. There is another BIG announcement coming if everything goes according to plan. So stay tooned!

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this whole slow-posting time. I appreciate your support and encouragement. You are the best readers ever!

Joseph :O)


Below is the pencils stage of this comic page

comic book, cartoonist, joseph d rodriguez, electrical substation, jolt, watt, shock,

Sandia apparently fell into an electrical substation. She’s caught in the wires and there are sparks flying everywhere with fire moving in closer. Nacho is absolutely terrified of this horrific scene.

  • How will Nacho respond to this situation?
  • What will happen to Sandia?
  • When will the torture stop?

We’ll find out soon, so keep your peepers peeled! Thanks for visiting my wacky world,

Joseph :O)