Latest Update

This pains my heart but… I will be taking a break from my comic. Everything is okay. There’s just a lot of things I need to do. And I have a huge “Honey Do” list that will not go away (it just keeps growing).

But, I will be back on November 17th with a new page. Also, I’ll still be around on the interwebs!

Y’all are awesome!

Joseph :O)

Hey Halloween lover!

I have a special surprise for you: A fully rendered, finished pencilled Wacky Monkeys page! YaY! :O)

The monkey snaps from Sandia’s booger claw and free falls into the dangerous electrical wires below.

This was a blast to work on and I hope you enjoy it!

I know, I know. It’s cruel to let the monkey fry. But it’s so much fun!

Anyways, Bearman of was the only one who tried to guess. So it goes his way (and my way, too)! :OP

With this page, I realized how much I love to sketch out a page. Not so crazy about the rendering. I guess I like how much more energy there is with a sketch. And that there is more left to the imagination than a rendered page. Although, I still had fun and I love the final drawing.

Here’s my inspiration for today’s page:

Basil Wolverton

Basil Wolverton artwork

His work has a tremendous influence on my art. I am deeply indebted by Basil’s grotesque, yet beautiful drawings!

So, I wonder what will happen next in my Wacky Saga of the crazy, wild antics that’s going on in here.

I don’t know but I need to think of it real quick!

Until next time, Wacky Reader of mine. Have fun, Keep it Weird and Keep it WACKY!

Joseph :OP