Short Hiatus

Sorry, I’m a bit behind in my Wacky Monkeys comic and have not been on the interwebs lately. My youngest daughter, Marisol, was hospitalized for over a week with Kawasaki Disease. We are back at home and she is recovering.

We are slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things here at home.

I don’t know when I’ll post a new page. However, I am working diligently to get my comic back on track!

Thanks for your patience,


Final page in Chapter 7: With Great Power…

The fried monkey falls from the electric pole and crashes to the ground all crusty lookin’. Sandia (AKA Gummy Girl), Nacho, Shirley, Lana and Eddie look on in terror shock. Sandia assumes her natural form and they all walk away. In the distance, a policía is heading to the scene.

I’m excited about the next chapter. I hope you’ll stay tooned…

Joseph :O)