Poor Sandia and Nacho.  I feel bad for them!  I hope they make it through OK.

This page was a lot of fun to draw and color.  It feels great to get back to my comic after such a LONG time off!  I came up with the Grandmaster Detectives (now called Wacky Monkeys) way back in 1998, while in art college at New York’s School of Visual Arts.

My favorite instructors were, Klaus Janson, Gene Colon, Carmine Infantino, Erik Doescher, Jack Potter, Lowell Bodger, and Andrew Gerndt.

I stopped drawing the Grandmaster Detectives in 2007 when I got an elementary art teaching position.  

I’m still teaching and now I’ll be drawing the GMDs Wacky Monkeys again.

I always felt I needed to draw comics. After years of neglect, fear, uncertainty and discouragement, I decided to do it anyway.  THANK GOD! Smile